Chef's Prescription this Week

A beautiful Porterhouse for the family this Friday. A couple of T-bones for the weekend. Checkout before stocks last.

20% Off this Week with Minimum Spending of $100 and above. Click Here!

Cuts from restaurants to the comfort of your home

We are passionate about procuring restaurant quality cuts of beef, lamb and poultry for our customers. Paired with spice rubs, butters and marinades made in-house, our Halal meats are sure to impress. You can drop by our store or order online, we provide island-wide delivery!

It's Meat Creations

Spice Rubs

We offer a carefully curated selection of spice rubs that will take... 

Artisanal Butter

Elevate your steak with our selection of artisanal steak butter. Prepared with... 

Dry Aged

We dry age our premium cuts by placing them in a temperature-controlled... 

  • Our Meat

    Our carefully selected halal meats are responsibly sourced from around the world and vary by season. We offer a wide variety of beef, lamb and poultry cuts for every dish and occasion. You can also request certain cuts of meat and we will gladly procure and reserve them for you.

  • It's Meat


    ItsNotKale Pte Ltd

  • Our Mission

    To become your household’s Butchery of Choice, through procuring the finest cuts of halal meat and delivering them to you with integrity.

  • Andrew Blight

    If you want some great cuts of meat from a fantastic selection go to visit “it’s Meat”
    They offer a premium selection of organic cuts ranging from Australian Black Angus to Wagyu beef cuts.
    The staff are amazing, both knowledgeable (been in the industry for years) and friendly. And on top of that you have a great choice of marinades and spice rubs… Yum Yum It’s MEAT!!

  • Faiz Razak

    Excellent, friendly service and good quality of Halal meat. Chef/butcher. Best of both world. Nice fresh self own made sausages.. Will definitely return again.

  • Sebastian Coli

    Chef Alfie is hilarious and brilliant at the same time. He made my 20 diners happy and everything came from that small kitchen of his. Thank you, Team It's Meat!

  • Wendy Zhong

    Small shop but the owner constantly brings in new cuts of meat which makes it interesting and at affordable price points. The owner was an ex-chef so we got him to marinate our steak and it was delicious! Also got his self-made sausages and marinated chicken which are really tasty too!

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