Chef Alfie Ali

From Chef to Butcher

Chef Alfie Ali
In our little humble abode at Pasir Panjang, you would see a familiar face behind the counter serving you cuts of steaks, minced meats for bolognese or even bundles of meat boxes from our Butcher Box collections.
That's me, Chef Alfie Ali.
I have been a chef for nearly 2 decades and have taken the helm as Head Chef/Executive Chef in Bistros & Restaurants for the last 10 years. I've loved the F&B industry and the people I grew up with and now I've been blessed with the opportunity to showcase the love and passion for food through other means. 
A Butchery from the Chef's perspective. 

Our butchery will have heavy influences from the cuts that I previously used in restaurants and made easy for you to cook at home. Our sous vide services have provided many with special dinners without excessive premium costs and frills. In-house Halal products are made fresh per order without preservatives, no colourings and no growth hormones. 

As a chef, I have the advantage of knowing what the chef needs to meet his demands in the kitchen. With manpower issues rising all the time, we are ever ready to make anything from scratch to provide him a piece of mind. If he's unsure about our recipe, his recipe will be followed accordingly and the secrets kept confidential. 

I would like to thank all those who have been actively involved in this project, supported the dream and give me the chance to express myself. Thank you!

Much love,
Alfie Ali