All About "It's Meat!"

All About "It's Meat!"

About us:

True passion runs within our butchery, bringing you a taste of artisanal meats across the globe. Our Halal meats are carefully sourced and curated, from farm to table, enabling us to showcase the freshest products.

Our skilled butchers will curate, present and package every chosen cut of your choice responsibly and with integrity.

With sustainable and responsible sourcing, we are continually striving to select and showcase only the freshest quality cuts to the community, striving to be your households’ Butchery of Choice.

Company values:
Respect, Integrity, Quality, and Transparency.

Our mission:
To continually strive to be the Butchery of Choice, thru sustainable sourcing to procuring responsible selection of the freshest quality cuts to the community.

Pay it forward:
Here at It's Meat, we don't aim to be the richest stiff in the cemetery. When we can, we would like to give back to the community and if you know anyone that has trouble putting food on the table, do let us know so that we can provide basic meat or necessities to those in need.